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Nov 1st & Nov 2nd: Día de Muertos / Day of the Dead, Querétaro, México.

My country and one of our most beautiful traditions.
Today we set all these offerings to happily and lovingly remember our departed relatives and friends.

We decorate tables and covered them with cloth and “papel picado” to make our altars/ofrendas with colorful figures allusive to death, some made of paper, chocolate and sugar skulls.

We also put the food our beloved departed used to like when they were still with us, tequila, beer and cigarettes if they liked it and for children we put their favorite toys and deserts. Also we all eat “Pan de Muerto” (orange, anise and yeast) which is a special bread made specifically for this celebration. It is decorated with bread strips simulating bones and bread dots symbolizing teardrops.
Flowers are very important too but not any flowers, it has to be “cempasúchil” flower. It is an orange marigold with a very unique perfume.

We also put many candles to light their way back to our home for these few days.

On November 1st we remember all those children whom left too soon and on November 2nd we remember the adults.

We play music, gather with all the family and/or friends and chat happily about our memories of the departed ones.
Some families even go to the graveyards to be with their beloved departed more closely.

We believe on these days our beloved departed come back to be a little while with us, that’s why we cook their favorite food, plays their favorite music and remember them with happiness in our hearts so they don’t feel sad.

I like celebrating Halloween on Oct 31st but on the next few days, Nov. 1st and 2nd, I dedicate all my time and thoughts on my departed relatives and friends. I love my country and I love our traditions, specially this one.

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