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Hola~ My name is Viridiana, I'm 27 years old and I'm from Mexico.

Here you'll find a bunch of different stuff: Music, literature, translations, nail art, make up, ASMR, vampires, cats, food, cultural traditions, Mexico, Japan, South Korea.

[HERESY] [Despair Faction] [Green Peace]

#TradEspBJ : Todas mis traducciones llevan este hashtag para que las encuentren más fácilmente. No sólo hay de the GazettE.
#GazeMexBJ : Esas son entradas sobre la visita de the GazettE a México, más que nada experiencia en el concierto, LIVE REPORT.
#GazeInfoBJ : Son entradas con información de la banda en español, no son traducciones.
#GazePicsBJ : Más que nada son screenshots míos o ediciones que he hecho de ellos en foto, no hay mucho porque soy pésima editando.
#GazeOpinionBJ : Mi opinión personal en relación a algún tema de la banda.

Hay muchas más cosas en este blog ya que es MI blog personal, así que si sólo quieren cosas relacionadas con the GazettE mejor entren a: www.facebook.com/pages/TheGazettEMexico O http://the-gazettemexico.blogspot.com

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Ruki's surprised.. and sad.. and mad?

  • Ruki: eeeh? ..that’s kinda weird? this news shouldn’t even be revealed yet but the picture is already going around?? HUUUH??
  • Kaolu: looks like it was published, ne. Mr. Ruki decorating the front cover of the new magazine Stuppy’s first issue. looking forward to it.
  • Ruki: this has been happening since back in the day now, but to taste it again after a long time.. how should I put it.. I have mixed feelings.. or it’s just sad.. or something.
  • Ruki: that’s why, when the news arrive on our side, we will formally make an announcement once again! ✞⃛
  • Ruki: when talking of revealing news or gossip, it’s like this when it comes to anything I guess.. you know, since we are really nervous about what kind of reactions we will get, we really need to prepare ourselves, our hearts! for example.. it goes 3, 2, 1 BUNGEE!.. if you go and push someone’s back at around 2.5, then it’s exactly what this feels like ( ˘ω˘ )
  • (Kaolu had posted the link to the picture but deleted it again, after like one minute. I had already translated it though and i'm leaving it anyways. it's cute^^)
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